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7 Mar

A Scarf, The Perfect Accessory

You’re tired. No, actually exhausted. But you need to go out. You want to look stylish but you don’t have the energy to do anything about it. What to do? My answer to elevating any look, with little to no effort, is a fabulous scarf. I recently decided that I would explore The Scarf. The scarf, is probably the oldest constant in the history of clothing. For thousands of years, both women and men, from all over the world, have worn scarves. I majored in history in college, can you tell? I’m not going to continue to bore you with the historical relevance of the scarf. Whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall a scarf adds a finishing touch to any look. I love that a scarf is forgiving. No matter how much holiday weight you put on, your scarf will always fit. After my neck reconstructions, I used scarves to hide my cervical collar. Recently, I decided to seek out and connect with Krista Norris, a young, fabulous emerging Canada-based scarf fashion designer. In my opinion her scarves are the perfect accessory for any look.

Krista Norris became world famous when the Canadian Prime minister’s wife, Sophie Trudeau, gifted Krista Norris scarves to Michelle Obama at the State dinner. I believe the Krista Norris scarves were chosen because they are fashion forward pieces created by a self-made strong independent woman. Her scarves are contemporary, vivid and youthful. They are statement pieces that add a finishing touch to any look. These scarves are must have additions to your wardrobe. They come in three styles “The Maverick Shawl” and “The Wingtip Scarf”and “The Lace Necktie.” Each type of scarf can be styled in so many different ways. You can style it with gym clothing, jeans or a cocktail dress. I myself really enjoy wearing the Maverick shawl. Due to the way the scarves are cut and sewn it’s impossible to make the scarf lay incorrectly trust me I tried. One of my favorite things about Krista’s website is that she has a “how to wear” page. We have all owned a scarf and have no clue how to wear it properly. Krista created a scarf that always looks fabulous. The scarves were also designed to be flattering to the torso. The infinity wingtip style scarf has semi-closed seams allowing the scarf to fall longer on the torso. This allows the scarf to be worn long, and wrapped twice. Basically, her scarves will make you look slim! The scarves are made from high end fabrics with textured patterns.  I found that scarves fabrics blend into any look.  I even paired my scarf with yellow pants and it looked quite stylish if I don’t say so myself. Krista said that “she creates pieces that she would want to wear herself.” This sentiment comes across in each piece from her line. Krista makes sure that when you purchase her scarf you can look as chic as she does in it.

I, myself, find inspiration in the designers behind the clothing. Think about it – Chanel would never be the Chanel we all admire without the Coco. With that in mind, I wanted to find out more about Krista. I wanted to better understand how her brand came to be. I wanted to learn what paths she has taken, what inspires her and what she has planned for the future. Krista herself is a positive, personable, bright, and strong woman. Those characteristics are mirrored through her scarves. I am always inspired by designers that take risks to start their own brands. Krista Norris demonstrated that you don’t need a fashion degree to hold your own in the fashion world. She found her love for fashion not through books or formal instruction but through her family – her grandmother was a seamstress and taught her how to sew. Though Krista was a successful in advertising she made the decision to pursue her own path and follow her dreams. In 2012 after a chance meeting with an industry professional who encouraged Krista to sell the scarves she had been making for herself she launched her own line. Her self titled brand “Krista Norris” can now be found in contemporary boutiques across Canada and the U.S. The Krista Norris brand focuses on scarves as statement pieces that can hold their own in any wardrobe. The scarves were developed out of Krista’s love for beautiful and unique textiles. She decided to focus only on scarves because “to me it’s such a prominent, classic accessory that dates back in time as both a signifier of style as well as a practical accessory.” Krista seeks out “unique textured fabrics that hold their shape” for her scarves. I wanted to know what influences and inspires her collections. Krista explained how “she enjoys walking through the fashion district finding high quality unique fabrics that are visually appealing.” Traveling has also played a strong part in influencing her fashion line. Krista explained that “she loves traveling, seeing different cultures and styles.” Krista translates what she sees and experiences into her work.

The Krista Norris scarf has played a role in the political arena. In todays times Presidential style plays a strong role in what we wear and what we buy. Who hasn’t bought an item thinking “Jackie O would totally have worn this.” We have now ushered in a new President. Whether or not you like President Trump’s policies you can’t deny that the Trump women have already influenced style. The designers not willing to dress the Trump woman (Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Sophie Theallet) to the designers being excited to dress them (Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Diane Von Furstenberg) all influences what we buy. If you are a supporter of Trump you would most likely want to purchase from those designers who supported the Presidential women and the same is said for the opposite. But lets all be honest love or hate our new Presidential family, you cant help but to watch. Presidential fashion trends certainly influence what we buy and wear. Certainly the fashionable gifts that are presented from a Prime Minister to President’s family has a great impact on what we choose to wear as consumers. Everyone wanted a Krista Norris scarf right after it was gifted. In fact, they were sold out on her website. When I asked what it feels like to achieve overnight brand recognition Krista says modestly that “she is humbled by the experience.”

It was exciting to see how much Krista has accomplished in such a short time. We all have dreams but it’s not easy to take the risks required to make them come true. Krista has come full circle from not having a formal fashion degree to grabbing the attention of the fashion forward and foreign dignitaries. She is a very impressive person.

Krista’s journey thus far has been inspiring. She has a new collection coming out for 2017 and hopes to slowly expand her line. I asked Krista to offer advice for my readers that are hoping to start their own businesses. She said “be persistent.” It’s advice that she’s lived by. Her persistence, talent and drive has allowed Krista Norris to command a presence and make her mark in a crowded design market. Like her well known shawl, Krista Norris is a “Maverick.”