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1 Apr

April Beauty Faves


People always ask me who does my eye makeup. Here is the cheat sheet I use. Follow the instructions and your eye makeup will look professional.


These 2 Dior products are well worth every penny. They work differently and are great separately or together. I use the cheek and lip glow to do exactly what it says. it looks like you have been sun kissed all year long. I use the blush to give me an all over face glow.


If you’re like me it drives you crazy that you either spend the time doing your own nails or spend the money having someone else do it, by the time you get out of the shower it’s chipped. I’m in love with this Essie polish. It really lasts.


I can not sing the praises of this beauty blender enough. It helps give you a flawless look. I consider it a beauty staple.


Oribe is one of the most expensive haircare lines. I find this Apres Beach wave spray to be incredible. For me, no other Beach wave product works as well as this does. I love that it also comes in a travel size. the next time you’re out and need some volume and waves just pull this out of your purse, and you’re all set.